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Searching for the best mobile phlebotomy services near me in ATL? For a blood test near me, 123Labs provides more convenience to patients, doctors, chiropractor clinics in GA.

Our team services throughout Cobb County with at home blood test,  COVID test and other mobile lab services including Prenatal testing, sneak peek gender reveal test, genetic test, private drug test, private STD testing, urine test collection, testosterone test, and all the associated lab products you need in the Atlanta metro area. 123Labs mobile lab services are HIPAA certified medical lab tests available faster- we save you time. 123 Lab has online booking or call us for care.

Get fast, accurate results on lab tests including routine bloodwork and COVID-19 PCR and antibody testing in a safe and comfortable setting.

Four Steps To Get Your Labs Now

Here are the four steps to getting your 123Labs mobile lab testing service at you home, workplace, or clinic.

Lab Test Selection

Select the mobile lab test service you need

Schedule Appointment

Book your labs online, or contact us for help.

Pre-Appointment Registration

123Labs mobile lab testing service will be able to provide you with specific instructions.

On-Time Guarantee

123Labs will come to you to draw your blood or collect your specimen in a sanitary and professional manner.

Clinic Lab Services

123Labs of Atlanta is revolutionizing the way healthcare in Cobb county access skilled lab testing professionals with their exciting and innovative services.  With just a phone call or click online, they can provide an on-demand solution that ensures hospitals and clinics never have to worry about staffing shortages or abrupt absences.  Whether it’s filling in for maternity leave or undertaking new clinical studies, 123Labs has the qualified talent you deserve.  Our phlebotomists, nurses, lab technicians and medical assistants area ready to jump into action at a moments notice so there’s no reason to delay.  Contact us online and a 123Lab coordinator will connect with you to find the solution you need right now.

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Friendly Transparent Pricing

No more unwelcomed surprises. Contact us today for answers to all your questions.

Home Lab Services

Thanks to 123Labs, getting your lab test done is as easy as one, two, three- it’s a breeze that’ll leave you exhilarated! With just a few taps on your phone or a quick email message about what you need, our remarkable team of professional lab staff will swiftly respond and guide you through the whole process.  No more wasting precious time in long queues or navigating complex healthcare systems.  Our dedicated lab technicians and caring nurses are like superheroes when it comes to bringin the lab right to your doorstep to save the day by making your life easier.  They bring along their expertise and state-of-the-art-equipment so that all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let them do the heavy lifting.  

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123Labs Reviews

Read reviews of our service.

“I’m apprehensive about needles. My blood was actually drawn successfully on the first try thanks to 123Labs, who came to my house and made me feel at ease. I really can’t express enough how fantastic the service was.”

Karen, Sandy Springs, GA

“If any company deserves it, it’s 123Labs, so I wish there was a way to give them five stars and beyond! Such a blessing, this was. They go above and beyond.”

Steve, Marietta, GA

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Find information about your lab tests, results, and patient instructions online! Whatever you need, wherever you are, we'll be there.


Our staff are properly trained to administer the COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test as well as RT-PCR Collections.


We now offer DNA or Paternity testing without a court order. Results of 99.1% and emailed directly to you. Timeline of results may vary.


PRE OP LAB PANEL Have a surgical procedure scheduled? No problem! Send us your labs orders. Most require Urine Collection, CMB, CBC, PT/INR, & HCG EKG coming soon...


SPECIMAN PICKUP & DELIVERY Service includes specimen (urine and stool samples) pick-up and delivery to the laboratory. Service provided to individuals as well as healthcare facilities.


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